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Posts from November 2003


The blizzog would like to take a moment to pay a brief tribute to the career of Alonzo Mourning, cut short yesterday by a three-year battle with a kidney ailment. Though I was never a big Georgetown fan or Miami Heat fan, I was always an Alonzo Mourning fan. He is a throwback to the type of player that is sorely lacking in the NBA these days: a natural talent who turned himself from a good player into a great player by sheer work-ethic and desire.

I don’t know if it’s the money or the bling-bling culture or SportsCenter or what it is, but the professional sports leagues – the NBA in particular – are now filled with good players that are not willing to put the time in to make themselves great players. And we the fans are suffering as a result. The NBA has its top 2% of stars as it always has – Kobe, Shaq, AI, etc. The real difference to me in the NBA now versus when I started watching in the late 80s is the 4th through 8th guys on the roster.

By and large, these days you have two to three good players on a team and then a bunch of inconsistent chumps to fill out the rest of the spots. These guys are not untalented, they are just too spoiled by the riches of their contracts to put in the work needed to make them great players. The two or three good players are often not as good as they could be either. Vince Carter is a perfect example of a top-tier guy with tremendous talent that seems unwilling to step away from the PlayStation long enough to do the things it takes to make him a complete player.

Mourning is the type of player I wish I would see more of in the league these days. He was a very talented college player, but he did not just rest on that once he got to the league. He worked tirelessly to make himself better and became a force on the Riley Heat teams of the mid-90s.

Farewell, Alonzo. Good luck in your recovery and thanks for the memories. There aren’t enough of you around anymore.

Yo Mamma

A great “Yo Mamma” joke thread has been started over at I can do nothing but encourage your participation in this wonderful idea.


A tropical fish that fluoresces bright red is set to become the first genetically modified pet to go on sale in the US. The GloFish will be available from January 2004. No word yet on when the 4-assed monkey will be available.

Big Brother?

I got a survey in the mail the other day from the NCDOT asking me about my use of I-40/85. For those of you not familiar, I-40 is the main east-west artery through NC. The survey was essentially a piece of paper folded in half and stapled shut on one end. My address was obviously on one side and a note was on the other.

The note said “You are receiving this survey because you were driving on I-40/I-85 east of Greensboro on the morning of October 15, 2003.” What?! This is true, actually. I was on 40 on October 15th because I was doing some work for a client in Chapel Hill that day. That’s not really the point though.

How does the NCDOT know that I was on I-40 that day? Were they taking pictures of cars as they were driving by? Did they then pull the license plates off of those pictures, run the plates, and then send these surveys to the names associated with those plates? This seems to me about the only way that this could be happening, as no one pulled me over that day to ask if I’d like to take part in a survey.

This whole thing creeps me out a little bit. I’ve never been Conspiracy Theory Guy who thinks that the government is watching everything I do and is just waiting for the chance to take me down. I still don’t feel that way, but this incident does bother me a bit. I feel that my privacy has been somewhat violated.

What if I had been going to Chapel Hill to get treatment for a disease that I didn’t want anyone to know about? What if I had been going to Chapel Hill for any reason that I didn’t want anyone else to know about? Like getting my wife a big diamond from a jeweler there. :D Isn’t that my right to do so? What right does the NCDOT have to send what amounts to a postcard through the mail that tells anyone who cares to look at it where I was on the morning of October 15th.

Am I overreacting here, or would you not find this a bit creepy?

Phi Kappa Stabba

As Jim Rome would say, Cleveland Browns running back William Green has joined that fraternity that no one wants to be in: dudes that get assaulted by their wives. Ouch.


Keyshawn is a crybaby and deserved exactly what he got. I wish that more teams had the stones to do this type of thing. Guys like this cannot get it through their head that the world does not revolve around them.

I understand that he’s a competitor and doesn’t like to lose, but real winners step up and lead by example when the chips are down. They don’t take pot-shots at everyone around them. The article I linked to above perfectly summarizes my feelings about KJ. He’s a small, petty man. He always has to be the center of attention and make himself look better by denigrating others.

He’s a chump and a cancer, and I have a lot of respect for the Bucs for doing what they did.

All I Want For Christmas Is….?

It’s that time of year again when I must prepare a Christmas list for AG and my family back in Ohio, and once again I’m not sure what I really want. I usually have a hard time coming up with a good list of stuff to ask for, and this year is no exception. The difference is that this year I have you, the faithful, smart, funny, easy-going, not to mention good looking – okay, okay, I’ll say it – the hot blizzog reader to help me out.

Here is my list so far.

Grand Theft Auto Double-Pack for Xbox
SSX 3 for Xbox
The New Outkast CD
Some grilling cookbooks
Some smoker grilling cookbooks (I just got a smoker for my wedding anniversary)

Uh… that’s it. As you can see, in addition to looking like it was written by a 14 year old boy with a grill, it is also quite short.

So do you all have any suggestions? Are there some kewl new gadgets out there I should be asking for? Not that this is new, but I had thought about asking for a GameBoy Advance, but I’m not quite sure where I would play it, since I’m mostly either at work or home.

I could probably also use some new gear to wear to work, but I’m not much of a fashion guru – shocker, I know :) – so I’m not really sure what to ask for. UF5C is a pretty business casual place. I usually rock the khakis and a polo shirt. You know, standard issue computer dork uniform. Anyway, I could probably use some help in that area.

Continuing the dork theme, I will probably be buying myself a new bad-ass gaming PC at the beginning of the year, so any suggestions for cool PC games or peripherals would also be welcome.

Ooooh. Another area in which I’m really lacking – one of many :) – is the tool department. When my buddy Stew and I helped the Jigga man wire his home theater earlier this year, I realized that there is a lot of fly tool gear that I could probably use. What do I have already, you ask? Hmm. I have a drill, a ratchet set, some screw drivers, a couple wrenches and pliers, and a circular saw that I’ve never used. That’s it. Are there any cool tools out there that I should have?

So, what do you think? I’m relying on you, the intelligent, sexy blizzog reader to help me out. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.

Who Dey?

How about them Bengals? AFter starting the season 1-4, the perennial losers and laughingstock of the league have won 4 out of 5, including yesterday’s victory over the previously unbeaten Chiefs. I could not be happier that they are doing well this season and I hope it continues. Marvin Lewis has done a marvelous job of changing the culture of losing that has permeated that franchise since the early 90′s.

The fact that people are talking about Bill Belichick or Bill Parcells as Coach of the Year candidates but not even mentioning Marvin Lewis is simply a joke. The Patriots won the Super Bowl 2 years ago and still have a majority of that same team intact. Yes, they have overcome injury problems and played well, but so have a lot of other teams. You could also make the argument that Parcells has turned around a culture of losing in Dallas, but how long has that really been a problem for them. Four years? Five?

The Bengals have been losers for the last 13 years!!! No team lost more games in the 90′s than the hapless Bungles. In just 11 weeks, Marvin Lewis has changed the attitude of a franchise and a city and made believers out of them and me. I know that they are in a weak division and might still not make the playoffs and they are only .500 right now, but believe me when I tell you that these last few weeks have been like a miraculous playoff run for Cincy fans.

Way to go, Bengals. Keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll see you in the playoffs!

A Game Of Horseshooooooeeeeess!!!

The mid-90s hip-hop group Arrested Development, who brought us such gems as “Tennessee” and “Mr. Wendell”, is suing the Fox network over their new sitcom that shares the group’s name. The suit claims that the sitcom’s use of the name dilutes the group’s name brand.

I know what you’re thinking, “Are they even together anymore?” The answer is no, but yes. The story goes on to say that the band has recently reunited and plans to put out an album next year. The new effort, titled “The Stuff We Put Together At Our DJs Apartment So We Could Sue Fox Sessions” should drop some time in early January.

This is not the first time Fox has been in trouble with a musical group over a show name. The group Living Colour (“Cult Of Personality” ) sued Fox back in the day over the title of the sketch comedy show “In Living Color”. The parties settled out of court.

Pending the outcome of this action, Fox has halted production on mid-season replacements “Pass The Black-Eyed Peas”, “Do You Have 50-Cent?”, “Everything But the Kitch*NSYNC”, “Exception to Ja Rule”, and “Alien Ant Farmers”. Thankfully, the reality show “Who wants to F&*% My Mom?” is still on schedule. ;)

I Know You Don’t Smoke Weed. I Know This…

Denver Broncos running back Mike Anderson had a breakout season a few years ago after Terrel Davis’ leg fell off for the 3rd time. After that great season, he seemed to just fall off the charts and has never had stats like that again. Now I know why. It turns out that Andreson has been baked out of his mind the whole time.

Anderson was suspended for 4 games by the NFL yesterday for smoking marijuana. The 4 game suspension means that this is the third time he has violated the league’s drug policy. Another violation will get him banned from football.

The best part of this story is Anderson’s excuse this time. He says that he was just around people that were smoking the wacky and he inhaled second-hand smoke. Riiiiight.

C’mon, Mike. If you want to play a professional sport where you’re allowed to hit the bong all the time, then you should take up basketball.

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